Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my HatZone Online Password
The My Account page contains a "Forgot my password" link underneath the E-mail Address and Password fields. You only need to fill in your email address, Hatzone will send you the password you supplied on your account creation.

How long will Shipping take?
*Standard Shipping (UPS Ground)-5 to 7 Business Days = $5.99
No P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO. At the discretion of the UPS driver, a package can be left out of sight and out of weather without obtaining a signature.

UPS Second Day Air - 2 Business Days = $9.99
No weekend delivery. No P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO. Orders to be delivered by 2nd Day Air must be received by 2 PM CST.

UPS Next Day Air - 1 Business Day = $19.99
No weekend delivery. No P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO. Orders to be delivered by Next Day Air must be received by 2 PM CST. Orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will require a charge of $14.99 per order for UPS Air.

*Please allow up to two extra days

Why can't I view Hatzone?
HatZone is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above. To maximize your viewing experience, your screen resolution should also be set at 1024x768.

How do I know what size of Hat I to purchase?
Hatzone has set up a HatSizing chart for you to give you the best results when choosing your custom hat. Go to the Hat Sizing section to view this chart.

I found a embroidery I like, and now it doesn't appear when I add it to my hat. The graphic embroidery will only appear if it can fit on the side of the hat you are customizing. For example, the left and right sides of visors are noticeably smaller and graphic embroidery is limited.

How much of a discount do I receive?
Hat Quantity Discount
5-10 15%
10-29 18%
30-59 25%
60-111 27%
120-299 30% Off

Can I add a custom embroidery in a different color?
Hatzone can embroider most stock graphics with your custom colors. To embroider a graphic in custom color(s) include the color(s) you would like to include within the "Custom HatComments" box when designing your hat. Please be aware that custom logos often appear very different than the stock logo. Hats with custom embroidery will not be replaced for this reason.

How do I Customize a hat on HatZone Online?
Customization is simple using HatZone Online.

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Choose your Hat Style by clicking on Custom Hats or choose a popular style from the left side
  • Choose your Hat Color from hatzone's wide selection
  • Choose your Hat Size after you are certain of your HatSize
To customize your hat:
  • Choose the side of the hat you wish to customize first
    • Front
    • Back
    • Left
    • Right
  • Decide whether you would like to add custom text or a graphic embroidery. This is done by clicking "Add Embroidery" or "Add Text" for each hat side you would like to customize

  • Graphic Embroidery
    • Search for your graphic by entering a keyword into the search box or choose from one of Hatzone's pre-selected categories. Please remember that only graphics that fit on the selected side of the hat will be displayed
    • Choose your graphic and you will see a zoom shot of your graphic. Add the item to your hat by clicking "Add to Hat"
    • To view a zoom shot of your graphic while designing, you can click on the thumbnail graphic
    • To delete this embroidery, simply click "Delete Embroidery" on the customize hat screen
    • Choose the Font you would like your Text embroidered
    • Choose the Color of Thread you would like the Text
    • Choose the Style you would like the text laid out
    • Choose the Size
    • Enter what text you would like displayed and "Add to Hat"
    • To view what your text will look like in the correct Font and Color while designing, you can click on the magnifying glass to the right of the text
    • To delete this text, simply click "Delete Text" on the customize hat screen
  • When you have finished Customizing your hat and have added any additional notes, be sure to "Add to Cart".
  • If you would like to start a new hat during your design phase, you may click "New Hat", under the photo of the hat you are currently customizing and begin from scratch

Can I view past and present orders?
You can login into My Account and view all past and present orders by clicking on the appropriate Order Date and OrderID.

Does Hatzone sell information to third parties?

How do I cancel an order?
An order can only be cancelled if it has not already been shipped. To cancel an order you must call hatzone directly, 608.318.1211 Orders will not be cancelled via email request.

What methods of payment are accepted at HatZone Online?
HatZone Online accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.